Peer Project Part II(optional): Personal Exercise Habits

Walk with a pedometer for one week (you can also download an app for your mobile phone) and write down the result for each day. Calculate the average number of steps and begin the next week trying to add 5-10% more steps than the previous week. Please write down the results in your Personal Health Behavior Change Worksheet.

Meet up with your peer and discuss each other’s experiences:

  1. What are the key factors that have allowed you to adhere (or not) to an exercise program or a new physical activity plan?
  2. Do you know of others who have successfully added the habit of exercise to their lives? How do they maintain the activity?
  3. Are there others who can give you support and encouragement? Who could help you maintain the activity? How could these people help?
  4. Are you aware of your emotions related to physical activity or exercise? Do you feel worried or confidently in control, anxious or relaxed, excited or bored? The awareness of your emotions and your ability to regulate them can improve your self-confidence and self-efficacy while increasing the likelihood that you will continue to adhere to your exercise program.
  5. How does this affect your ability to encourage patients to be active?
  6. Optional: Write a summary of this meeting and ask for your mentor’s reflection and feedback on it.