Mentored Activity: Action Plan for Implementing LM in Your Clinic

Write an action plan of potential changes that could transform your clinic into a “health-promoting clinic” (rather than just an aid to the sick).

Note: It will be helpful for you to review the previous video lecture on Lesson 3 as it discusses some tips in developing an action plan 

For inspiration, you can get ideas from the AAF AIM-HI program:
  • The first step in fostering a healthy office culture is to “walk the talk,” make simple changes in your lifestyle behavior and share your personal journey with patients. As you and staff members meet personal fitness goals, changes will become evident to patients.
  • It can be helpful to identify a champion to lead these efforts in your practice. That person can facilitate an initial staff meeting to explain the importance of personal fitness and promote the desire to improve fitness among physicians, staff, and patients.
  • Since all members of the practice will need to buy into the program, use a collaborative process. For example, you may form a committee to assist the champion in launching and establishing this change.
  • Find resources to assist you and your patients on your lifestyle medicine journey: The internet is rich in such resources including free online booklets, patient education documents, posters, etc. Each country offers its own resources to be reviewed and used for the sake and health of its citizens.  So be active exploring!

Share your findings, ideas, and plans with your mentor and participate actively with your partners at your clinic for the good health of all.