Mentored Activity: Management of Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Comorbidities

Depression and anxiety management must be tailored to the patient's comorbidity. In this activity, you will practice how to search for up to date information about its management, and your mentor will provide you feedback about your work.

  1. Use your patient's health project as an example for this assignment. Which health issue is more related to him/her(obesity, substance abuse, diabetes, etc.)?
  2. Search on the web management protocols for depression and anxiety related to the health issue you identified in step 1. Make sure you use information from peer-reviewed journals, academic, professional organizations, or governmental sources.
  3. Write a 500-1000 words essay that includes: An introduction, a summary of the management approach you found, advantages and aspects to improve, when it is necessary to refer the patient to a specialist, your conclusions on the topic.
  4. Submit the essay and wait for your mentor's feedback