Mentored activity: Develop a Risk Assessment (for a mentored version) (Completion time: 5 hours)

For advanced audiences, we recommend the completion of this mentored activity require you to connect with a mentor holding a Master of Public Health(MPH) or equivalent degree to evaluate your work. 

As we want to ensure equitable access to the courses and understand the limitations of finding mentors in some regions, mentored activities are not required to take the final exam or get the certificate.

In this activity, students will engage in the development of a risk assessment for a community or population and make recommendations to address the identified risks. 

Step 1: Review this Guide For Conducting A Community Risk Assessment as a reference for conducting a risk assessment.

Step 2: Choose a community or population you are related to in order to develop a risk assessment and write an 800-1000 word risk assessment. Include the following:

The 3 main steps and all sub-steps. 

Recommendations to address the identified risks.

References to your work in APA format, please review this resource from the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library on how to use APA Citation Style (references are excluded from word counts).

Step 3: Compile your assignment in a document. Be sure to include all the requirements detailed in Step 2. Submit your assignment and wait for your mentor's feedback.