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Module 5: Lesson 1: Developmental Milestones in the stages of human development.
Discussion Forum 1: Human Lifespan Development
Module 6: Lesson 1: Types of Learning in Psychology
Discussion Forum 2: Habituation and Dishabituation
Module 7: Lesson 1: Motivation, Emotion, and the physiological needs that drive human behavior                                 
Discussion Forum 3: On Sexual Behavior and Motivation, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Module 8: Lesson 1: Cognition
Discussion Forum 4: Informing Processing and Human Memory
Module 9: Lesson 2: Memory Problems, Forgetfulness, and Aging
Discussion Forum 5: Memory Problems
Module 11: Lesson 1: Health psychology and stress
Discussion Forum 6: Positive Psychology
Module 14: Lesson 2: Determinants of Social behavior 
Discussion Forum 7: Agents of Socialization
Module 15: Lesson 1: The role of Psychology in the Workplace
Discussion Forum 8: The Role of Psychology in the Workplace
Module 16: Lesson 1: Introduction to Counseling Psychology
Discussion Forum 9: Counseling Relationships

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