Section Name Description
Module 1: Lesson 1: Global Burden of Disease URL Defining global health: findings from a systematic review and thematic analysis of the literature

Read all the contents starting from section: Attributions of definitions until the Discussion section(46 minutes)

BMJ Global Health 2021

URL What is global health? Key concepts and clarification of misperceptions

Read the entire article. (33 minutes)

Global Health Research and Policy 2019

URL Global health initiatives

Read the entire page. (1 minute)

WHO - 2021

URL Global Health Initiatives Disease Moves Fast. Knowledge Must Move Faster.

See the map about Global health initiatives at the bottom of the web page. Click on each icon on the countries to see the initiatives take on each of one. (10 minutes)

BMJ Global Health - 2021

URL Implementation of the Global Health Initiative: Consultation Document

Read the content under "Consultation Document " from page 3 to page 11. (36 minutes)

USAID/Global Health - 2010

URL Pathway to Sutainable Health

Read the entire page; make sure to read the whole content by clicking on the button "read more" until the end of the reading. (66 minutes)

Pan American Health Organization - 2017

URL Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Read the content under "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" until the heading "Sustainable Development Goals" with the list of goals on pages 3-14. (17 minutes)

United Nations - 2015

URL Burden: Mortality, Morbidity and Risk Factors

Read the entire document. (59 minutes)

WHO - 2011

URL Risk Factors in Health and Disease

Read entire document. (7 minutes)

EUPATI- European Patient's Academy - 2015

URL Factors responsible for mortality variation in the United States: A latent variable analysis

Read entire document. (45 minutes)

National Institute of Health2014

URL Data Sources for Developing Health Indicators

Read entire page(35 minutes)

WHO-PAHO - 2021

URL A Guide for Monitoring and Evaluating PopulationHealth-Environment Programs

Read the content under the heading "Types of data used to monitor and evaluation PHE programs" and Methods and data sources used in this guide from pages 24 -33. (23 minutes)

USAID-Measure Evaluation - 2018

URL New Summary Measures of Population Health and Well-Being for Implementation by Health Plans and Accountable Care Organizations

Read the enitre page. (20 minutes)

CDC, National Academy of Medicine - 2016

Module 1: Lesson 2: Globalization of Health and Healthcare URL A View of Health Care Around the World

Read the entire article. (4 minutes)

Annals of Family Medicine - 2013

URL Types of Health Systems

Read the entire page. (1 minute)

University of Columbia - 2021

URL The Determinants of Health Expenditure

Read the content under "2. Determinants of health care expenditures: A brief review of the literature" on pages 1-5. (18 minutes)

WHO - 2011

URL What is globalization

Watch the entire video. (4 minutes)

Council on Foreign Relations - 2019

URL Globalization and Health

Read the entire article. (41 minutes)

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences - 2015

URL Key Trends in Healthcare for 2020 and Beyond

Read the content under "Market Trends Are Increasingly Dynamic" to "State-Level Trends Are Increasingly Important." (8 minutes)

American Health and Drug Benefits - 2019

URL Global Health Trends

Read the entire page. (6 minutes)

American University of the Carribean - 2021

URL Do Social and Economic Policies Influence Health? A Review

Read the content under the heading "Abstract" and "IV. Conclusions and Implications." (15 minutes)

HHS Public Access - 2014

URL Human Mobility and the Global Spread of Infectious Diseases: A Focus on Air Travel

Read the entire article. (32 minutes)

Elsevier Public Health Emergency Collection - 2018

URL Transboundary spread of pig diseases: the role of international trade and travel

Read the entire article. (55 minutes)

BMC Veterinary Research - 2019

URL Medical “Brain Drain” and Health Care Worker Shortages: How Should International Training Programs Respond?

Read the entire article. (22 minutes)

AMA Journal of Ethics - 2016

URL Investigating Determinants of Brain Drain of Health Care Professionals in Developing Countries: A Review

Read the content under "Determinants of Brain Drain" on pages 29-31. (12 minutes)

Net Journal of Business Management - 2015

URL A Dynamic Understanding of Health Worker Migration

Read the content under "Complex Patterns of Mobility: A blurring of 'source' and 'destination'" and "Focus Countries: Results – highlights." (7 minutes)

WHO - 2017

Module 1: Lesson 3: Systems Thinking in Global Health URL Systems series: Why use a systems approach?

Watch the entire video. (5 minutes)

The Australian Prevention and Psrtnership Center - 2021

URL Applying systems thinking to knowledge mobilisation in public health

Read the following sections of the article: Abstract; The relationship between KM and systems thinking; and What does systems-informed knowledge mobilization look like in practice? (25 minutes)

Health Research and Policy Systems - 2020

URL The application of systems thinking in health: why use systems thinking?

Read the entire article. (17 minutes)

Health Research and Policy Systems - 2014

URL Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening

Watch the entire video. (7 minutes)

WHO - 2010

URL Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening

Read the content under "Systems Thinking" on pages 39-43. (13 minutes)

WHO - 2009

URL How the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Aim to Improve Global Health

Read the entire page. (7 minutes)

USC University of South Carolina - 2020

URL How the SDGs Will Transform Global Health Governance

Read the entire page. (14 minutes)

Council on Foreign Relations - 2016

URL Public-private partnerships for global health

Read the entire page. (21 minutes)

PATH - 2013

Module1: Lesson 4: Social and Environmental Determinants of Health URL Cultural Competence In Health And Human Services

Read the content under "What is Cultural Competence?" (3 minutes)

CDC - 2021

URL Cultural Competency at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care

Watch the entire video. (3 minutes)

University Behavioral Health Care - Rutgers Health - 2015

URL How Culture Influences Health

Read the content under "The cultural continuum." (3 minutes)

Caring for Kids New to Canada - 2021

URL Beliefs and Perception of Ill Health Causation: A Socio-Cultural Qualitative Study in Rural North-Eastern Ethiopia

Read the content under "Background" and "Results." (21 minutes)

BMC Public Health - 2017

URL Social Determinants of Health: Key Concepts

Read the sections "What are the social 'determinants' of health?" and "What are health inequities or inequalities?" (2 minutes)

WHO - 2013

URL Social Determinants of Health

Read the entire page. (8 minutes)

Healthy People-Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion - 2020

URL Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity.

Read all of the content under this section: Social Determinants of Health. (86 minutes)

National Academies Press - 2017

URL Social and Economic Determinants of Health

Read from page 1 to page 5. (24 minutes)

Health of Washington State Washington State Department of Health - 2014

URL How does economic and social disadvantage affect health?

Read the entire article. (25 minutes)

Institute for Research on Poverty University of Wisconsin-Madison - 2016

URL Access to Health Services

Read the entire page. (5 minutes)

Healthy People 2020-ODPHP - 2021

URL Social Determinants of Healthy Life Expectancy: A Global Perspective

Read the entire document. (45 minutes)

National academy of MedIcine - 2019

URL Social Determinants of Health in the Americas

Click twice on "read more" on the bottom of the reading and read the content under the heading "Conceptual Foundation of the Social Determinants of Health" and "Setting the Scene." (9 minutes)

PAHO WHO - 2021

URL Social Determinants of Health Status

Read the entire article. (17 minutes)

Issues Mental Health Nursing - 2013

URL Global Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Health Burden

Read the entire page. (2 minutes)

US Department of Health and Human Services CDC - 2012

URL Association of Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Practices with Children’s Nutritional Status, Intestinal Parasitic Infections and Diarrhoea in Rural Nepal: A Cross-Sectional Study

Read the "abstract," "background," "discussion" and "conclusion." (14 minutes)

BMC Public Health - 2020

URL Air Pollution and Noncommunicable Diseases

Read the "Abstract," "Introduction," and the content under "What Air Pollution Is and How It Causes Illness." (14 minutes)

CHEST Journal - 2018

URL The Legal Determinants of Health: How Can We Achieve Universal Health Coverage and What Does it Mean?

Read the entire document.

Int J Health Policy Manag - 2021

Module 2: Lesson 1: Applying Ethical Practice to Global Health URL Global Health Ethics Key Issues

Read the content under "Health ethics in practice: key issues and challenges", "Health ethics in practice: key strategies" on pages 14-24. (34 minutes)

WHO - 2015

URL Public Health Code of Ethics

Read Section 1: Introduction. (14 minutes)

American Public Health Association (APHA) - 2019

URL Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Read the entire document. (7 minutes)

WHO - 2019

URL National Association for Health Quality Code of Ethics for Healthcare Quality Professionals and Code of Conduct

Read the entire document. (9 minutes)

National Association for Healthcare Quality - 2021

URL Human rights in patient care and public health—a common ground

Read the sections titled: "What are human rights?" "Defining HRPC and situating it in the legal landscape," "Balancing the rights to health and bodily integrity against other rights and interests," and "Conclusion." (15 minutes)

Public Health Reviews - 2017

URL Human Rights in Culturally Diverse Societies

Read the content under the Heading "Relevant General Principles" to the heading "Other Measures" on pages 11-25. (32 minutes)

Council of Europe - 2017

URL International standards

Read the entire page. (6 minutes)

UN Human Rights - 2021

Module 2: Lesson 2: Professional Practice for Global Health URL Honesty, Integrity and Respect: A Question of Quality

Read the entire page. (5 minutes)

American Council of the Blind - 2020

URL Cultural humility: Essential foundation for clinical researchers

Read the entire article. (30 minutes)

Pubmed - 2013

URL Unravelling ‘low-resource settings’: a systematic scoping review with qualitative content analysis

Read the content under results. (31 minutes)

Journal (BMJ) - 2021

URL Barriers and Facilitators to Health Care for Newcomers

Read the entire article. (19 minutes)

Caring for kids New Canada - 2021

URL Barriers to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Rural Areas

Read the entire content. (2 minutes)

Rural Health Information Hub

URL Learning through reflection: the critical role of reflection in work-based learning (WBL)

Read under the headlines "Graduate employability.", "The reflective practitioner", "Reflection", "Teaching reflective skills", and "Reflecting “in” and “on” action", "Reflection as a development tool". (20 minutes)

Journal of Work-Applied Management - 2015

URL Reflective practice in health care and how to reflect effectively

Read the entire article. (13 minutes)

International Journal of Surgery. Oncology - 2017

URL Innovative Strategies to Engage People with Mental Health Conditions or Substance Use Disorders

Watch the entire video. (78 minutes)

Module 3: Lesson 1: Collaboration in Resource-limited Settings URL Building Effective Health System-Community Partnerships: Lessons from the Field

Watch the video. (6 minutes)

Center for Health Care strategies - 2021

URL E-Learning for Medical Education in Sub-Saharan Africa and Low-Resource Settings: Viewpoint

Read the entire article. (25 minutes)

Journal of Medical Internet Research - 2019

URL Global Health Stakeholders

Watch the entire video. (9 minutes)

Global Health Diplomacy- The State University of New York - 2021

URL Community Engagement Module B5

Read the entire document.(10 minutes)

WHO - 2016

URL Innovative Strategies to Engage People with Mental Health Conditions or Substance Use Disorders

Watch the entire video. (82 minutes)

URL Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy: A Community of Connections Town Hall

Watch the entire webinar. (60 minutes)

Module 3: Lesson 2: Communication and partnerships URL CERC: Stakeholder and Partner Communication

Read the content under the heading "Working with Communities" and "Conclusion" on pages 12 to 19. (18 minutes)

CDC - 2014

URL Collaborative Leadership- Engaging collective intelligence to achieve results across organisational boundaries

Read pages 3-13. (29 minutes)

Oxford Leadership - 2016

URL Collaborative leadership and the implementation of community-based fall prevention initiatives: a multiple case study of public health practice within community groups

Read from the section "Background" to "Conclusion." Note: Skip the Methods section. (35 minutes)

BMC Health Services Research - 2017

Module 4: Lesson 1: Capacity Strengthening URL M&E of Capacity Strengthening

Read the content on page 1, except for the title "Challenges". (3 minutes)

intrac of civil society - 2021

URL Capacity building

Read the entire page. (3 minutes)


URL A narrative review of health research capacity strengthening in low and middle-income countries: lessons for conflict-affected areas

Read the content under the heading "Abstract," "Background," and "Conclusion." (17 minutes)

Globalization and Health2019

URL Health Professional Training and Capacity Strengthening Through International Academic Partnerships: The First Five Years of the Human Resources for Health Program in Rwanda

Read the content under the heading "Abstract," "Background," and "Conclusion." (15 minutes)

International Journal of Health Policy and Medicine - 2018

URL A Guide to Organizational Capacity Assessment Tools

Read the following content "Selecting a tool", and "Specific Situations for using the tools on pages 5-12. (27 minutes)

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Informing Change - 2017

URL Academic promotion policies and equity in global health collaborations

Read the entire page. (10 minutes)

The Lancet - 2018

URL Insights for the Future of Health System Partnerships in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Literature Review

Read the "Background" and "Discussion: Implication 3." (16 minutes)

BMC Health Services Research - 2020

URL Advancing partners and communities

Read the entire tool. (41 minutes)

Advancing Partners & Communities - 2012

Module 4: Lesson 2: Community Assets URL Brainstorm: Community Assets

Read the entire document. (2 minutes)

Healthy People 2020-US Department of Health and Human Services - 2010

URL Comparison Between Asset and Deficit Based Approaches

Read the entire page. (3 minutes)

The University of Memphis - 2019

URL Community health workers: a strategy to ensure access to primary health care services

Read the content under "Introduction" and "Advantages of including CHWs in the health workforce " and "Cost-effectiveness of CHW programmes." (9 minutes)

WHO - 2016

URL Strategies To Empower Communities To Reduce Health Disparities

Read the entire page. (19 minutes)

Health Affairs - 2016

URL Community Based Programs Sustainability: A Multidimensional Analysis of Sustainability Factors

Read the content in the sections "Abstract," "1. Introduction," "2. Community Based Programs Sustainability and Sustainability Factors," and "6. Discussion." (19 minutes)

Sustainability - 2018

URL Country Ownership and Organizational Capacity Building Beyond Principles to Practices

Read pages 2-9 of the document. (23 minutes)

USAID - 2012

URL Country ownership and capacity building: the next buzzwords in health systems strengthening or a truly new approach to development?

Read the content under Introduction, Discussion, and Summary. (30 minutes)

Journal - 2012

URL SCDC_What is Community Capacity Building?

Watch the entire video. (5 minutes)

Scottish Community Development Center - 2010

Module 5: Lesson 1: Health, Equity, and Social Justice URL A Human Rights-Based Approach to Health

Read the entire document. (11 minutes)

WHO - 2010

URL Social Justice and Human Rights as a Framework for Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Read the content under "Conclusion and Recommendations" on pages 6-7 and "3.2 What are human rights?" on pages 26-27. (7 minutes)

WHO - 2016

URL Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – The Key to Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Read the content under "Sexual and reproductive health and rights" on page 2, and "Introduction: denial of sexual and reproductive health and rights: a cause and consequence of gender inequality" on pages 9-12. (2 minutes)

International Planned Parenthood Federation - 2015

URL Human Rights and Health

Read the entire page. (14 minutes)

WHO - 2017

URL Enabling the participation of marginalized populations: case studies from a health service organization in Ontario, Canada

Read the content under the heading "Introduction," "Findings," "Discussion," and "Conclusion." (30 minutes)

Health Promotion International - 2017

URL Can human rights bring social justice?

Read the content under the chapter: Human rights and social justice:
separate causes (pgs. 47-52). 
(26 minutes)

Amnesty International - 2015

URL Why is the Crisis a Global Crisis?

Read the entire page. (2 minutes)

WHO - 2021

URL Responding to the Global Crisis in Human Resources for Health

Read the content under the heading "Introduction" on pages 9-10 and "Findings" on pages 14-19. (15 minutes)

Consortium of Universities of Global Health - 2013

URL 5 ways to bridge the global health worker shortage

Read the entire page. (7 minutes)

World Economic Forum - 2019

URL Health Workforce Brain Drain: From Denouncing the Challenge to Solving the Problem

Read the entire article. (10 minutes)

PLOS Medicine - 2013

URL The right to health

Read the content on the sections "What is the right to health?", "How does the right to Health apply to specific groups?" on pages 3-21. (50 minutes)

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - 2008

URL International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Read the entire page. (14 minutes)

Audiovisual Library of International Law

Module 5: Lesson 2: Addressing Social Injustice URL Human Rights in Global Health Governance

Read the entire article. (10 minutes)

Health and Human Right's Journal - 2020

URL The Global Health System: Actors, Norms, and Expectations in Transition

Read the content under "The Global Health System: A Time of Transition." (9 minutes)

PLOS Medicine - 2010

URL Organizations Working in Global Health

Read the enire content. (8 minutes)

University at Albany State University of New York - 2021

URL Mapping Global Health Architecture to Inform the Future

Read the content under "Mapping of Global Health Actors" pgs. 6-10. (14 minutes)

Center on Global Health Security - 2015

URL A Guide to the World Health Organizations

Read the infographic. (15 minutes)

WHO - 2020

URL Multisectoral and intersectoral action for improved health and well-being for all: mapping of the WHO European Region

Read the content of "Introduction" on pages 1-4, and the following cases from "Case story summaries":
1. Andorra on pages 27-28.
2. Belgium on pages 32-33.
3. Cyprus on page 36.
4. Georgia on page 43.
5. Serbia on page 62. 
(30 minutes)

WHO: Europe - 2018

Module 6: Lesson 1: Strategic Analysis URL Community Health Assessments & Health Improvement Plans

Read the content under the heading:
What Is a Community Health Assessment? 
(3 minutes)

CDC - 2021

URL Conduct a Needs Assessment

Read the content under the heading: Conduct a Needs Assessment. (3 minutes)

Rural Health Information Hub - 2017

URL The Importance of Individual-Site and System-Wide Community Health Needs Assessments

Read the following sections of the article: Introduction, Discussion (11 minutes)

Health Research Center, School of Public Health, West Virginia University - 2020

URL Community Health Needs Assessments? Aligning the Interests of Public Health and the Health Care Delivery System to Improve Population Health

Read the first four paragraphs of the paper. (5 minutes)

National Academy of Medicine - 2015

URL Seven Steps for Conducting a Successful Needs Assessment

Read the entire page. (9 minutes)

National Institute for Children Health Quality - 2020

URL How to Conduct a Situation Analysis

Read the entire content. (15 minutes)

Compass/ USAID - 2021

URL Understanding your context using a Situational Analysis

Read the entire page. (17 minutes)

GrassCollective organization - 2021

URL Community needs assessment

Read the content under the section SECTION 2: Plan for community needs assessment. (25 minutes)

CDC - 2013

Module 6: Lesson 2: Program Management and Evaluation URL A Primer on Project Management for Health Care

Read the entire page. (11 minutes)

Havard University

URL At A Glance: The six steps for planning a health promotion program

Read the entire document. (7 minutes)

Public health Ontario - 2021

URL Implementing an evidence-based program

Read the entire page. (7 minutes)

Center for family research & evaluation - 2020

URL Developing a logframe

Read the entire document. (12 minutes)

UKAid - 2019

URL The Logical Framework Approach

Read the following contents of the document: Using the Logical Framework for Project Design pages 12-22. (25 minutes)

EU Integration Office - 2011

URL Project Planning and Implementation Tools

Read the entire page, including the content of the following hyperlink:
Gantt chart: Plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle. 
(12 minutes)

American Society for Quality - 2021

URL Project Implementation

Read the entire page and navigate on the tabs "Planner" and "How to" to explore tools for projects implementations. (10 minutes)

UNESCO for YOUTH - 2018

URL Best Practice in Project Planning and Implementation

Read pages 4-7 of the document. (21 minutes)

European Coordination in Science and Technology - 2017

URL Best practices--the nine elements to success

Read the entire page. (27 minutes)

Progect Management Institute

URL Monitoring and Evaluating

Read the entire page. (8 minutes) 

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