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Discussion Forums
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Module 1: Lesson 1: Global Burden of Disease
Discussion Forum 1: Population Health Assessment
Module 1: Lesson 2: Globalization of Health and HealthcareDiscussion Forum 2 - Global Health Trends and Their Influence on Health Services
Module 2: Lesson 1: Applying Ethical Practice to Global HealthDiscussion Forum 3 - Ethical Issues and Codes of Ethics in Different Settings. 
Module 4: Lesson 1: Capacity StrengtheningDiscussion Forum 4 - An Assessment of a GHO’s Operational Capacity 
Module 5: Lesson 1: Health, Equity, and Social JusticeDiscussion Forum 5 - Strategies for Engaging the Vulnerable Groups in Healthcare 
Module 5: Lesson 2: Addressing Social InjusticeDiscussion Forum 6 - A Social Media Post on WHO’s Influences on Human Rights in Global Health Development 
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