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    Welcome to the PREMIUM Counselling for Alcohol Problems training course! Please note that in order to enroll in this course, you must have successfully completed the Counselling Relationship course first. Once you have done so, you will be emailed a password to access this course.

    This course is based on the Counselling for Alcohol Problems (CAP) psychological treatment manual. CAP is a brief psychological treatment, based on Motivational Interviewing, for harmful drinking. The CAP treatment was evaluated in a large randomized controlled trial in India, where it was delivered in routine primary health care settings by counsellors with no prior mental health experience. The results were very positive and you can freely download the scientific publication reporting these results in The Lancet, and review the findings and recognize the large group of international and Indian scientists who have contributed to this effort. This online course was developed by Abhijit Nadkarni, Richard Velleman and Vikram Patel; additional contributions were made by Aresh Naik, Akila Kalsur, Ajay Kumar, Urvita Bhatia, Miriam Sequeira and Dielle Dsouza. The authors of the CAP manual are Hamid Dabholkar, Abhijit Nadkarni, Richard Velleman and Vikram Patel.

    Counselling for Alcohol Problems is one of two treatments produced by the PREMIUM program; the other treatment is the Healthy Activity Program for depression. The goal of the PREMIUM program is to develop psychological treatments which can be scaled up in routine health care settings.

    The PREMIUM program is entirely funded by the Wellcome Trust, through a grant to Vikram Patel, and is implemented as a partnership between the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Sangath, and the Government of Goa's Directorate of Health Services. This online version of the training that teaches how to deliver these treatments has been made possible through NextGenU.org and the Annenberg Physician Training Program in Addictive Disease.

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    Counselling for Alcohol Problems (CAP), a lay counsellor-delivered brief psychological treatment for harmful drinking in men, in primary care in India: a randomised controlled trial

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    This course will teach learners to deliver this treatment to harmful drinkers, develop skills to build patients' motivation to change their drinking behaviour, provide harmful drinkers with skills to change their drinking behaviour, and to prevent and deal with relapses. The online course is a summarised version of the CAP manual. All the course material, including the CAP manual, is available online for download.

    What you will learn in this course:

    • How to identify patients with harmful drinking
    • Key concepts in counselling for alcohol problems
    • Techniques to build patients' motivation to address their drinking problems
    • How to empower patients with appropriate cognitive and behavioural skills to change their drinking behaviours

    There are 10 modules of online CAP study which includes text content, 20 lectures, 11 video demonstrations of role-plays, and 10 self-assessment tests. The course provides a step-by-step guide for each treatment phase, and includes homework tasks and hand-outs used when delivering CAP to patients.

    You must complete the entire course, all the self-assessments achieving a minimum pass percentage, and the course evaluation to be able to obtain the course completion certificate. This course is only intended to give trainees a basic understanding of the treatment; upon completion of the training, trainees should ideally complete at least four supervised cases of patients with harmful drinking; the supervision can be done in groups with peers who have also completed the training.