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    Preventing Child Mortality

    Welcome to the course on Preventing Child Mortality.

    The course focuses on understanding the burden of childhood disease that results in morbidity and mortality in this vulnerable population. Children are an invaluable population resource and childhood mortality has great importance in terms of a nation’s development, prosperity and well-being. The course has a multi-disciplinary focus that will help students appreciate this complex concept, in terms of the burden it places on populations, the causes, and the major interventions to reduce the burden of disease.

    Course Structures and Expectations:
    The structure of the course is as follows. There are 5 Topics, each with a set of resources in the form of a pdf file and an issue arising from these resources for you to reflect on. The resources contain summaries and links to the resources themselves. You are invited to post your thoughts to the reflections forums, and once you do that, you will be enrolled in the forum with anyone else who wishes to post their reflections and can join a discussion if you wish.

    You can through the course at your own pace.

    You can earn a certificate of completion if you have accessed each of the resources files and gained a score in the Quiz which you will find a the end of the course.

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