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    This course on the Prevention and Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders teaches medical and public health trainees and practitioners about the health risks of excessive alcohol use as well as the approaches used to prevent and treat alcohol misuse. In addition, it provides practical insight into screening and assessment techniques for alcohol use disorders.

    The course is designed to help you gain: 

    1. A basic introduction to alcohol use disorders and their causes.
    2. An overview of screening and interventions for alcohol use disorders.
    3. A brief overview of urgent situations and common comorbidities associated with alcohol use disorders.
    4. A brief overview of the direct physical effects and the indirect social effects of alcohol use disorders.
    5. Insights about the strategies used to communicate with people seeking care, their families, and caregivers.

    This course was developed by NextGenU.org (NGU) and sponsored in part by the Annenberg Physician Training Program (APTP).

    There are four (4) modules to complete, which include:

    Module 1: Introduction to Alcohol Use Disorder
    Module 2: Withdrawal and Consequences of Alcohol Use Disorder
    Module 3: Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder
    Module 4: Care of Special Populations

    Approximate time for completion of this course is 15 hours at an average reading rate of 144 words/minute.

    Engaging with this course

    • To register for this course, complete the registration form. Begin the course with Module 1. For each lesson, read the description. 
    • There is a final quiz to assess your understanding of some important concepts. Click on the hyperlinks to take you to these items in each topic.

    Requirements to obtain the certificate 

    You may browse this course for free to learn for your personal enrichment. There are no requirements.

    To obtain a certificate, a learner must successfully complete:

    • All reading requirements
    • The final exam with a minimum of 70% and a maximum of 3 attempts and
    • The self and course evaluation forms

  • Module 1: Introduction to Alcohol Use Disorder

    Student Learning Outcome
    • Differentiate alcohol use, abuse, and dependence.
    • Describe the risk and protective factors, and the prevention strategies for alcohol use disorders.
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  • Module 2: Withdrawal and consequences of alcohol use disorder

    Student Learning Outcome
    • Summarize characteristics of alcohol withdrawal including:
      i. Signs & symptoms
      ii. Treatment options
      iii. Complications
    • Recognize sequelae of alcohol use disorder including:
      i.   Social, psychological and spiritual problems
      ii.  Medical and psychiatric disorders
      iii. Be knowledgeable in the treatment of the aforementioned sequelae
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  • Module 3: Treatment of alcohol use disorder

    Student Learning Outcome
    • Analyze techniques to confront and intervene patients with alcohol use disorder.
    • Discuss about types of treatment for alcohol use disorder including:
      i. Pharmacotherapy
      ii. Detox
      iii. Rehabilitation models based on 12-step programs
      iv. Other psycho-social, spiritual, and behavioral approaches
      v. Counseling
      vi. Individual and group psychotherapy
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  • Module 4: Care of special populations

    Student Learning Outcome:

    • Identify special considerations for the care of alcohol use disorders in Children, Adolescents, Pregnancy, Seniors.
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  • Final Exam

  • Course and Self Evaluation & Certificate

    In this section, you can provide feedback about this course to help us make NextGenU.org better. Once evaluations are completed, you will be able to download your certificate of completion.