Peer Activities



Module 1: Lesson 2: Research and Ethics in Psychology

Peer Activity 1 - Importance and Ethics of Psychological Research 
Module 2: Lesson 2: Biological Influences in Psychology
Peer Activity 2: Biological Influences in Psychology
Module 3: Lesson 2: Sensory Processing and Sensing the Environment (Vision, hearing and other senses)
Peer Activity  3: Perception and Sensation 
Module 4: Lesson 3: Altering Consciousness
Peer Activity 4: Consciousness 

Module 9: Lesson 3: The role of memory in learning and retrieval methods
Peer Activity 5: The Role of Memory in Learning and Retrieval Methods
Module 10: Lesson 2: Personality in the context of culture and personality assessment 
Peer Activity 6: Personality in the Context of Culture, Personality Assessment, and Evolutionary Perspective
Module 12: Lesson 2: Classification of Psychological disorders 
Peer Activity 7: Schizophrenia as a Mental Health Disorder
Module 13: Lesson 2: Mental Health Therapy and Treatments; evolution, types, and modes of treatment
Peer Activity 8: Mental Health Therapy and Treatments

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