Peer Activities

Section Name
Module 1: Lesson 2: Research Theory: Paradigms, Methodologies, and Designs in Health Research 
Peer Activity 1: A video presentation explaining the approaches to studying a research problem using different paradigms and their strengths and weaknesses.
Module 2: Lesson 1: Research Problems and Research   Questions 
Peer Activity 2: Research Problem Statement and Questions.
Module 2: Lesson 2: Research Aims and Research Objectives
Peer Activity 3: Research Aims and Objectives
Module 2: Lesson 3: Research Hypotheses
Peer Activity 4: Research Hypotheses.
Module 3: Lesson 1: Quantitative Study Designs
Peer Activity 5: Quantitative Study Design Selection.
Module 3: Lesson 2: Sampling and Data Collection for Quantitative Research
 Peer Activity 6: Quantitative Data Collection.
Module 3: Lesson 3: Quantitative Data Analysis: Hypothesis Testing and Tests of Significance
 Peer Activity 7: Quantitative Data Analysis.
Module 4: Lesson 1: Qualitative Study Designs
Peer Review 8: Qualitative Research Design.
Module 4: Lesson 2: Sampling and Data Collection for Qualitative Research
Peer Activity 9: Qualitative Data Collection.
Module 4: Lesson 3: Qualitative Data Analysis Peer Activity 10: Qualitative Data Analysis.
Module 5: Lesson 2: The Systematic Search and Critical Appraisal of Research Peer Activity 11: Systematic Search and Assessment.
Module 6: Lesson 2: Plagiarism and Referencing Styles Peer Activity 12: Introduction of Research Proposal.
Final Assignment Final Assignment.

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