Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum
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Module1: Lesson 1: General Information
Discussion Forum 1: General Principles of Care
Module 2: Lesson 1: Policies and LegislationDiscussion Forum 2: A Petition Towards Equality and Inclusion
Module 2: Lesson 2: International and National StandardsDiscussion Forum 3: On Patient Privacy and Informed Consent
Module 3: Lesson 3: Alcohol Use Disorder Specific InformationDiscussion Forum 4: Assessing Severity of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Module 5: Lesson 1: Mental Health ComorbiditiesDiscussion Forum 5: Proposing and Adopting Psychosocial Support for Patients with Self-Harm and Suicidal Thoughts
Module 5: Lesson 2: Substance Use and HIV Discussion Forum 6: Analysis of Substance Use Disorder Among HIV Patients
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