Section Name
Module1: Lesson 1:  COPC: Principles and Practices
Reflection Activity 
Module 2: Lesson 2:  COPC Utilization in a Globalized WorldDiscussion Forum
Module 3: Lesson 1: Defining and Characterizing the Community: Identifying Needs and ResourcesPlan for a Community-Based Intervention Activity 
Module 3: Lesson 2: Planning and Preparing for COPC InterventionMini Proposal Plan for COPC Intervention Activity 
Module 3: Lesson 3: Implementing the COPC ApproachEvaluation Plan Activity 
Module 4: Lesson 1: Explore the Skills Involved in Promoting Community ParticipationCase Scenario
 Module 4: Lesson 2: COPC and Communication StrategiesCommunication Plan/Guide Activity
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