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    Maternal Mortality


    Welcome to the course on Maternal Mortality. Maternal morbidity and mortality remain major problems in many parts of the world - one of the most important threats to Public Health. The purpose of the course is to provide the people who may be able to help tackle the problem with the knowledge and skills to do so. We will focus on identifying the size of the problem, the causes, and the evidence base behind interventions to improve the situation. We will end by identifying ways to implement evidence based solutions in your own setting.

    This course - an Open Online Course (OOC) - has been prepared by, and contains material from, Peoples-uni, an educational initiative providing online Public Health capacity building for health professionals. The course provides basic introduction to key aspects of the discipline of public health. You may want to explore other courses on this site or go to http://peoples-uni.org if you wish to acquire more in-depth knowledge of any particular aspect.

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    How to navigate the course

    Each section comprises a set of resources that we think you will find interesting - click on the collections of resources in each section. There is a forum in each topic for reflection, and there is a quiz at the end to check your understanding of the concepts.

    We encourage you to reflect on what you have learned or comment on the course. When you click on the blue hyperlink in each topic labelled reflection, you will be able to add a new topic or respond to a previous one. You may want to share your learning from this and other readings, comment on the topics from your own experience, comment on others' posts, or provide feedback on how we can improve the content and presentation.

    In the final section you will see that you can gain a Certificate of Completion - the requirements for this are to pass the quiz and access the resources in each section. This is a self-directed course, to be taken at your own pace. We encourage you to reflect on the issues, maybe make notes as you go along as this is a good way to be sure that you can internalise the information presented and the lessons to learn from it. This can then become part of your personal development plan.

    The course was developed by Diederike Geelhoed and Katwesige Wycliff.

    If you are stimulated to learn more, there are a number of other Open Online Courses on this site, and Peoples-uni has a number of modules for individual study for CPD or towards an MPH.