Lesson 10: Introduction to ANOVA (30 mins)

  • Read the web page, as well as the entire content of sections 10.1 (Introduction to Analysis of Variance), 10.2 (A Statistical Test for One-Way ANOVA), 10.2.1 (ANOVA Assumptions), 10.2.2 (The ANOVA Table), 10.3 (Multiple Comparisons), 10.4 (Two-Way ANOVA), and 10.5 (Summary). Access each section in Chapter 10 by clicking on the titled links found on the left side of the web page under the heading "Lesson 10: Introduction to ANOVA".
  • Understand and apply hypothesis tests for a single mean and a single proportion as well as for two means (independent and paired/matched samples), and understand chi-squared test and ANOVA.