Behavioural Science Learning Modules: Encouraging People to Stop Smoking (30 mins)

In the "Behavioural Science Learning Modules" document review Tables 2-3 and Figure 1, (pp. 8-10). Note: Table 4 (p. 13), and Table 5 (pp. 16 - 18) are optional. These tables and figures will give you a general overview of statistics and conditions related to smoking. Then, beginning at the section titled "Address the topic of smoking and tobacco use," read pp. 23-33. Pay special attention to Tables 7-11 and Figure 2 for tips and flowcharts to help you in your clinical practice. Read Appendices 3 and 4 (pp. 46-57) to help you understand how to give cessation advice in practice. The rest of this manual is supplementary. As you might have already noticed, similar intervention protocols and concepts are covered in other learning resources. This particular resource is more than 10 years old, so some new research has since influenced practices and policies, but most of it is still relevant and accurate.