CBIS: Cognitive Behavioural Interpersonal Skills Manual (35 mins)

Healthy lifestyles and stress management are important aspects of well-being for those suffering from mental health or substance use disorders. This resource does a good job of teaching relaxation skills to address stress. First, navigate to the 'Relaxation Module' (pages 70-82). Perform all of the exercises, taking note of how you react to them so that you can teach those exercises when needed. Then try to offer them to someone you know (e.g., a friend, a family member, or a peer) and ask them how they feel after the exercise. Please also review the 'Lifestyle Module' (pages 101-106). The rest of the guide, which is optional reading, covers many skills that are useful in addressing depression and improving well-being. If your patient has access to the Internet, this might be a fantastic resource for them. If so, please guide them through the process of finding and reviewing the material. The 'Introduction' and the following section can help guide you in supporting your patient to use this resource.