Alcohol & Other Drugs: A Handbook for Health Professionals (90 mins)

The following page numbers refer to the full document, but note that the resource is also available in smaller sections, which may load more quickly. Please read Chapter 1 (pp. 1 - 11) and Chapter 2 to 6 (pp. 17 - 94). Please note that many other substances can be amphetamine-like. For example, in Kenya, miraa (also known as khat) is an amphetamine-like substance, and the learning in Chapter 6 is applicable to all amphetamine-like substances.  Please also review Chapter 11 (pp. 147 - 156), Chapter 15 (pp. 185 - 192), Chapter 18 (pp. 207 - 214), and p. 243, p. 249, and p. 261 of the Appendices.

The substances covered in the other chapters are supplementary readings, as are Chapters 13 and 14, since you will learn most of those non-medical intervention techniques with the ASSIST Brief Intervention Guide. Review the Table of Contents to determine whether any other section is relevant to your clinical practice and, if so, please read it as well. There is a useful glossary at the end of the document, and tips to help implement the interventions in clinical practice are found in Appendix I.