The Clinical Assessment of Substance Use Disorders (40 mins)

From the menu on the left-hand side of the document titled "The Clinical Assessment of Substance Use Disorders," read the sections titled 'Key Concepts' and 'Learning Goals' and then read the 'Questions' section. Answer the 'Questions' and post them online (within the resource - there is no need to submit anything to NextGenU).

Continue reading the 'Introduction' section, 'Medical Model', and all the materials under 'Clinical Evaluation', from 'Red Flags' to 'Initial Visit'. While watching the 'Initial Visit' video, take note of the blue icons and comments on the right. At appropriate times during the video, these comments will be highlighted in yellow. At this time, you can click on the blue icon and another smaller video will pop up. This smaller video will share thoughts and comments running through the minds of the doctors and patients during the interview.