mhGAP intervention guide for mental, neurological and sub-stance use disorders in non-specialized health settings: mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) Version 1.0 (30 mins)

In the "mhGAP Intervention Guide" review sections ALC1 - ALC3 and DRU1 - DRU 3 (pp. 58 - 72). Those are the sections on "Alcohol Use and Alcohol Disorders" and "Drug Use and Drug Use Disorders." Each section begins with an 'Assessment and Management Guide for Emergency Cases,' which is followed by an ‘Assessment and Management Guide’ (which, for alcohol, covers an algorithm to look at consumption), and the last section is 'Intervention Details.' These sections provide a very basic overview of care for alcohol and substance use disorders. Many resources in the rest of this training will assist you in further developing your skills for brief interventions and the management of alcohol use and other substance use disorders.