Parental Substance Misuse: Module 1: Understanding substance misuse (30 mins)

For this resource titled "Parental Substance Misuse" we recommend that you click on text only button at the bottom of the webpage. Use the full audio-visual version only if you have a sufficient Internet connection, and then click on the various pictures to hear the participants speak rather than reading the transcripts.

Review "Section Five: Relationships with Family" by clicking on the blue tile with that title. In the text only version, read all pages by clicking next on each one. On p. 2 (see the bottom right corner), click on the various links for the various transcripts. Please note that each parent's reaction is not right or wrong. This resource does not cover how you can support the families of those who care about someone with a substance use issue, it simply explains that they benefit from support.  It is very important that you do not judge how the family or others are reacting. The best conduct to adopt is that of empathy and a sharing of scientific information about substances. The sharing of personal information of patients outside of the circle of professional care may be done only with the consent of the patient, as explained in prior modules.