Peer Project Part III (optional) : The BASICS

In this assignment you will work with your peer and mentor to determine your progress with your personal health behaviors. 

  1. Download the BASICS Checklist.  Go through the list of wellness activities, and highlight those you perform on a regular basis with a green marker.

  2. Read the list again and highlight the activities (using a different color marker) that you hope to undertake and/or focus on in the next thirty days.

  3. Think about what you would like to change in order to improve your wellness and resilience. Choose one small target.

  4. Set a meeting with your peer and discuss your selection.

  5. Please write down the results in your Personal Health Behavior Change Worksheet and continue to follow each other on successes and challenges. Adapt as needed.

  6. Optional: write a summary of the visit and ask for your mentor’s reflections and feedback on it.