MCQ-writing activity (Optional)

Setup phase

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Setup phase
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Submission phase
Assessment phase
Grading evaluation phase

Choose any three learning resources from the entire course. Create one multiple-choice question for each of the three resources. Please use this table with the following columns to keep your information organized:

Course Module Name Competency  Name Question Source Quote Source/URL Source/Name
Here, insert the name of the module Here, insert the name of the competency Here, type your question with the stem and response choices, and underline the correct answer Here, copy and paste the original source quote supporting and identifying the correct answer to the question Here, copy and paste the link to the learning object Here, insert the name of the original learning object

Three automatically chosen NextGenU peers will review each of your three questions. The multiple choice questions created by the students, once passed through peer review, will be sent to NextGenU’s Director of Evaluation to review for format and quality, and then on to the course creator for content review. If they are good questions, they will be added to the question bank for the course.